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More bathroom design ideas

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015


If you don’t want your new bathroom to end up looking like this, then take good note of the previous blog, but also, there are some good tips in the following infographic and video to help you achieve the en-suite you deserve!


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Consider the design in your new en-suite bathroom

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015

en-suite bathroom design

Including an en-suite can increase the value of your appropriate by 10 % according to Virgin Money’s ‘Simple overview of including value to your house’. Whether adding a brand-new or refurbishing an existing both will add a luxurious feel to a bedroom. The key to en-suite restroom design is space, whether taking advantage of offered space or maximising the sense of area, design trickery really is the key.

Everyone is different, with  various tastes, various budgets and various needs however when it concerns creating an en-suite they all have one common concern– area. In order to ease and conquer this there are a few elements I constantly attempt to include into the design.

1. Wet Floor Shower.
Preferably I would prefer to include a wet room floor shower into the design of an en-suite. This is because of a few factors consisting of the aspect of not losing any ‘functional’ floor area as the shower and floor are as one with a singular drained waste for water. Further benefits consist of the design of a wet floor shower being able to suite any sized area, within reason.

This is a job that I wouldn’t recommend to the average “do it yourselfer”. The drain issue can be a major problem, and often involves digging up the concrete slab and lowering the drain below floor level. If you were thinking of installing an en-suite yourself, this part at least I would leave to a professional plumber.

2. Wall Mounted & Corner Fixtures.
Comparable to the above, wall installed fixtures are excellent for offering the impression of more space due to still being able to see floor area. Wall installed fixtures are offered for basins and toilets with some basins likewise being provided in smaller sized sizes.

Corner toilets and basins can assist in making a little area work much better. Nobody stands in the corner of a space, therefore if you put your fittings into the corners, you’ll be entrusted more useable room in the middle, making the space seem less busy.small space bathroom

3. Smart Storage.
Integrateded storage, for instance a basin system, wall mounted storage, corner storage and mobile storage are all perfect for en-suite restrooms it actually just depends upon individual preference, quantity of storage required and design accessibility (colour schemes which match other design aspects).

4. Decor.
Mirrors show light, which assists make an area seem brighter and airier. Adding a mirror or 2 is one of the easiest cloakroom ideas and frequently among the most rewarding to carry out. Finally by including some pale decoration, light reflecting tiles or paint, you could make a small en-suite feel a lot larger. Whichever you choose all will certainly assist to bounce plenty of light around your room, lending it an airy and spacious feel.

5. Conceal Pipework.
Hiding pipework will unavoidably make a small space feel bigger whilst at the same time making the space appearance cleaner and tidier. This is one suggestion I would motivate throughout all bathroom design whether the main restroom, en-suite or cloakroom/ downstairs WC.

Whether you require a total restroom option, a bathroom renovation or more design ideas for maximizing available area, these ideas will hopefully help you in producing an individual sanctuary of relaxation within your home.

If I had to pick just one of the above ideas to implement,  I would choose to incorporate a wet floor shower into the design of an en-suite. This is due to a few factors consisting of the aspect of not losing any ‘useful’ floor space as the shower and floor are as one with a singular drained waste for water. Further benefits include the design of a wet floor shower being able to suite any sized area, within reason.

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Everything You Need To Know About Garage Conversions

Posted by on May 24, 2015


So something happened to make you realize that you need more space!

It happens to us all at some point, a new baby, the chance to work from home, an older child returning to the nest, or maybe you need a granny flat for an elderly relative. There are several ways to squeeze that much needed space out of the house that you already own, and one of the easiest ways is to convert your garage.

A garage conversion can add great value to your home as well as additional living space to your home. A well thought out garage conversion can add as much as ten percent value to the worth of your property, and is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your home’s resale value. An added advantage is the increased living space without incurring the expenses and problems of moving house.

Different Types of Garage Conversions

Full conversion of an integral single garage: Being either integral or part integral in several house designs, single integral garage conversions are very common with home owners, as they are very cost effective to convert with minimal disturbances to the day-to-day life of the home. Basically, no planning is required.

Part conversion of an integral single garage: As with full garage conversions, this type of garage conversions is relatively inexpensive to adapt with minimal disruptions to the day-to-day routine of the home. More often than not, the main objective of this garage conversion is to create more living space.

Double integral garage conversions: This type of garage conversion is usually a variation of a single integral garage conversion in-respect of red tape and cost. However, there’s generally more work involved and there is greater scope with the design and use of the current space.

Detached single garage: This type of conversion is usually a variation of single-integral-garage-conversion, however, there is generally more work involved in respect of insulating etc. what’s more, other issues, such as planning maybe relevant to this type of conversion.

If your current garage is only a single story detached or attached building, you can also consider removing the roof, adding an extra storey and putting the roof back on again. Most building businesses are capable of such a project, and you may even find that your local handyman can handle the job too. Many handymen are ex builders that have scaled down their operation so that they can work on their own without the hassle of employees, and are more than capable of tackling your project. You just need to make a few calls and ask some questions.

Advantages of Garage Conversions

Added Value- Moving house costs money that can’t be recovered. But converting a garage into a working or living space adds more value to your property than it costs in most cases.

Design control- Garage conversion means every step of the design process is under your control, subject to legal and technical restrictions.garage conversion

Local amenities- Moving youngsters from schools and families from sports, commute routes, places of worship, and leisure facilities is difficult and sometimes expensive. Staying at your current house while acquiring additional space is a better solution preferred by many.

Contract control- When you decide to convert your garage into a habitable space, whoever you give the contract is your decision to make. One out of ten house sales falls through because one party changes their mind. If you decide to convert your garage, you are the sole decision maker.

Council tax- Moving from a three to a four bedroom house could put you up a council tax band. Garage conversions leave council tax bands unaffected.

So hopefully you can see that a garage conversion is a viable alternative to moving house, providing you with the space that you need for possibly less money than you would need to move house, especially when you consider the loan fees, the cost of moving and the disruption involved, and if you are like most people, your garage is 90% full of unused “stuff”, so much so that there is no room for the car anyway.

So give it some consideration, call a local contractor, maybe a building company, or if you want to keep costs down, you can be your own site manager, get quotes from the various trades required, such as a local roofing business, plasterers, painters, maybe a general handyman, and landscaping businesses, and organize the whole project from start to finish. Best of luck!

Check out the video below to see just how effective a garage conversion can be.


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The benefits of loft conversions

Posted by on May 22, 2015

loft conversion bedroom

There is nothing as stressful as shifting from your place of residence to a new location, it is not only tedious, but it will also take time for you to adjust to the new environment.

It all seems like a great adventure, moving to a new house and a new neighborhood, at first that is the case, but then reality sets in, and your list of things to do before the move gets bigger and bigger, and so does your stress level.

There is of course an amount of stress to be endured in having contractors at your house for days or weeks, but at least you don’t have the added pressure of kids in new schools, removal companies and legal complications.

You probably love your current house and are too attached to it because of the many memories it holds mostly those of seeing your children grow up and you don’t want to be detached from it. However, with time, you will likely need more space for an extra bedroom, gym area or even an office space. Well, you don’t have to move to another house, you can still make the best out of your current house and still maintain its beautiful look and minimize on costs as well.

Loft conversion is a form of home improvement that involves the process of transforming empty, unused space into functional space that canloft conversion bathroom be used as a storage area, bedroom, office space or even a working out area.

Loft conversion process

Loft conversions usually involve adjusting the area on your roof top and creating space from there, which in turn creates an extra room. You will then set up new stair cases to the loft extension area. Windows are added as well to the loft conversion extended area. Actually, it’s that simple to have a loft conversion in your house. However, always seek after trained and qualified personnel to help you out with this adjustment.

Benefits of loft conversions

Loft conversions have an array of benefits that include:

  • Add value to your house: Loft conversions are the best investments for your house; they give your house that new touch as well as enhance its appearance.
  • Avoid moving costs: Shifting to a new location is never desirable. Imagine trying to fit in in a new neighborhood! Loft conversions cut all the costs involved in moving and you continue enjoying your stay in your current home. This also helps you to save significantly as opposed to moving into a new home.
  • Increased space: The primary benefit of loft conversions is increased space, a well done loft extension not only improves on space, but it also presents to you other benefits such as; additional storage under the stair case. This frees you of any strain on your family and at least you can move about more.
  • Increased daylight: Due to the high positioning of your loft conversion windows, they bring in more light to your house for longer hours.

A loft or attic conversion has a kind of oasis feel to it… a room at the very top of the house, away from all the noise and confusion, ideal for an office or master bedroom if you can fit an en suite bathroom in there as well, and as a studio for painting or other crafts the light is very often the best in the house.

So there you have it, so next time your house needs that extra space loft conversion is the way to go!

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Home Space Saving Tips

Posted by on May 21, 2015


Homes, houses and apartments, no matter how big or small they are share the same problem – the problem of space that is final and often less than what we need it to be. If you need more space but don’t know what to do anymore, there are many solutions and tips on how to maximize your space usage, so we bring you some hoping they will help you.

klaffi-01Shelves – one of the best way to utilize your space is to use walls as a storage space. The vertical wall that is over 5 feet tall can hold a lot of stuff demanding very little horizontal space which makes it perfect space conserving option. One bonus pro tip is to always use the space above the door. The fact is that most people have nothing there and mounting a shelf above your door will create a bonus space that is always welcome. Having shelves in your living room or any other room for that matter is also not a bad thing. Your walls can be covered with shelves top to bottom and no one will mind and the space saving is just amazing.

Chests – the trick is as old as the humanity, it seems, but it’s a great one. Using chests or simple boxes that hold your stuff for more than one thing is a great space saving advice. Instead of having a boring coffee table on the middle of the room, change it for a chest or a box and use your new table as a drawer – store books, newspaper, socks or your cat inside and save some precious space. You can do the same for the sitting furniture. Your armchair can have a compartment that can hold many items, only if you think about it.

balcony01Expanding – don’t let those walls hold you, strive to expand beyond and make your living space larger and more enjoying. One great advice we often give to our customers and readers is that they should make a patio or a terrace and make more space by – simply making more space. Expanding your living room with a balcony will create more space, better visual impact and will also make your home versatile – with an open space, you will not only have more space, but also enjoy it more. Don’t be afraid to break down a wall and create something great.

Arranging – not everything is up to space, though. A lot can be benefited with aesthetic changes, where you change the visual impact rather than physical space quantity in your home. Making changes on the fly or thinking about it when you are planning your new home – makes no difference, it’s only important that you understand what you need to do to help your home feel and look bigger and more spacious. Tricks like lighting and space arrangement can help you more than any shelf or torn down wall.

For some really interesting organisational tips and tricks, check out the amazing blog from Chrissy Halton, and get your life and home organised.

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Don’t Move – Improve

Posted by on May 21, 2015

partial dividing wall

Speaking as someone who has moved house 25 times in the last 30 years, and that includes countries 4 times…. I know something about the benefits of changing the house that you already live in, rather than selling and buying something else. The house that you find to buy,and think ticks all the boxes usually has some negative aspect to it, which you usually only find after the euphoria of moving in and getting sorted dies down.

These days, you can choose from many different architectural approaches to design and renovate your home. While some homes are constructed with many small rooms, others focus on larger, fewer rooms. Although large, spacious rooms may seem a good choice, you may want some changes in your one bedroom flat after a while. There’s no need to move when you can improve.

There are times when homeowners want to make their homes more functional with some office space or nursery. It is also possible that you may want to turn a single bedroom into two for your kids who don’t want to share a room. You may want each child to have his own private space.

Regardless of the situation, it may be necessary to turn your one bedroom flat into a two bedroom living space. It will be easier to accomplish this task with sufficient space in the bedroom. In simple terms, if you’re able to fit two separate beds in a room, you can easily turn your one bedroom into two.

How to Add More Space in Your Home with Remodeling?

In order to convert one bedroom into two, you can choose from two different approaches. The first method is to build a permanent, strong partition wall to separate one room from another. Since a load-bearing wall will take a lot of space, you should choose a thinner wall. This is one of the most common methods of dividing your bedroom.

It is a low-cost and easy job. However, you will still need professional help. When using this method, the main consideration will be re-routing the electrical lines. You need to hire a licensed electrician for this job.

The second method of transforming a one bedroom flat into a two room living space is by using a temporary or movable wall. This is an effective way to partition off the space, while allowing more flexibility. A lot of homes use movable walls to create partitions in different areas of the home.  movable diving screen

In recent years, tracks and other materials related to movable walls have become aesthetically pleasing and highly operable. These days, while choosing movable walls, you can go through many different options, including glass, other transparent materials, wood, metal and more.

A professional home remodeling company can help you achieve the desired goal. Before you choose a remodeling company or designer, you should conduct a thorough research. This will help you make an informed choice. You will be able to add more space in your home, and there will be no need to move.

There is of course the option of converting a garage, or attic to make more liveable space, which we will go into in another post, but by far the quickest, easiest and less expensive method of making and additional room is to divide a large room that you already have.

Give it some thought…. it may just be the solution you need.

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